Gravel Derailock

Gravel Derailock

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For use in Australia only, The GRX Derailock will not be sold and can not be used internationally.  See Terms of Service. 

Derailleur cage lock for Shimano GRX. 

 Note: Derailock must be removed to adjust clutch tension.


Installation instruction

Install the Derailock with the derailleur and chain installed on a bike.

  1. Follow manufacturers instructions to set the clutch tension.
  2. Remove clutch cover. (Keep this in a safe place, you may need it one day)
  3. Remove the phillips head stopper pin. (Keep this in a safe place, you may need it one day)
           a. Yes, it is nice to have this pin but the derailock is better and unfortunately we can't have both. 
  4. Install the Derailock. 
  5. Do sends.

Be sure to disengage the clutch when using the derailock and remember to re-engage it when finished.